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Bugs Bunny &038; Taz - Time Busters

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Main Information:
Game name: Bugs Bunny &038; Taz - Time Busters
Ganre: Arcade, PC Games
Developer: Artificial Mind & Movement
Release date: 2000
Interface language: EN / Multi7​​​​​​​
Voice language: EN / Multi7​​​​​​​

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A loose sequel to the previous Bugs Bunny Playstation game, Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time,the game is a 3D platformer featuring Bugs Bunny & Taz from the Looney Tunes universe. In the game, Daffy Duck breaks Grannys time machine and its up to Bugs & Taz to explore the different eras of time and collect the parts to fix it, whilst also returning special characters to their correct eras of time.
In the game you can control both Bugs & Taz and both of the character have their own moves. Interestingly, you can control one character with the left analogue stick and the other with the right analogue stick; this allows the player to combine both of the characters to reach new areas of the game.

System Requirements:

CPU: Iпtel Pentium III (300 MHz)​​​​​​​

RAM: 128 MB​​​​​​​

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10​​​​​​​

Video Card:32 MB (OpenGL)​​​​​​​

Free Disk Space:600 MB

Video review:

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