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Free key for Gantt Charter Components

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Here you can download the key for the current version of the program Gantt Charter Components. By using the key to this program, you can use it for free. This file is from the author with the nickname ZWT.

Program description:
Gantt Component and Gantt Project component (Updated

Gantt Component (Updated)

Easily and quickly create your Gantt Chart

Very Flexible design

Designed and written from ground up

Item Dragging and Moving

Item Resizing via drag

Item Linking (hard and soft)

Item Soft Shadows

Double Buffered for flicker free operation

Lots of functions and procedures to play with

Printing with print settings (header and footers)

Fully usable Demo project (Gantt One)

save and load to xml

Save as Bitmap Image

Save as JPEG Image

Better visuals

Day Stretching (zoom)

Grid Line Removal

Day names toggle

ISO Weeks toggle

Updated Project resources, now with more fields (Department, Company etc)

Date Blocking (Create a block of dates with a title)

New printing styles (WYSIWYG, On Screen, Selection)

Updated xml binder to include the new gantt features

Added first of the Data links, OutLookDataLink, create tasks in outlook direct from the Gantt chart

Added text property to Gantt Items

Added Import Unit to help import older versions of the Gantt Chart

Added truncated Project Titles

Free for Non Commercial Applications

Gantt Project Component (Updated)

As above but with a more rigid project based design

Project group bars adapt to the items

Project title show the total sum of days for that project

Main Gantt chart title shows total sum of days for all projects

Progress bars are shown on Block style Items

Items are now titled and placed under each other (project based)

Item text is placed at the end of the item for better visuals

Projects can now be collapsed and expanded

Item linking now has new styles (finish to start, finish to finish etc)

Added new Resource chart to help chart resources for projects

Items day length now changes on resizing

Free for Non Commercial Applications.

Program version:
Gantt Charter Components and other version.


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1. Download the keygen.

2. Install and run it.

3. Click Patch.

4. Click "Generate Key".

5. Enjoy the program!

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